It’s not about time, it’s about choices. How are you spending your choices?

–Beverly Adamo

Yesterday a friend told me that I inspired them to go do their Bachelors at the age of 27. Although I had a Bachelors at 21, I did start my Masters at 29. He stated that he always thought he was too old to go get his degree and I proved that age doesn’t matter.

It’s interesting that I’m so focused on finding inspiration in others, that I often forget that I too can provide inspiration and encouragement to others besides my son. 

If someone told me at 21 that I would do a Masters degree part-time at the age of 29 — while working full-time and being the sole carer for a three year old — I would have said that it’s impossible!

This reminds me of the Frida Kahlo quote I posted the other day:

At the end of the day, we can endure much more than we think we can.

– Frida Kahlo

As my career coach Fiona Craig “… remember without growth we die”. 

Who have you inspired today?