Revolutionary by music?

One can’t underestimate the power of music.

This morning by son asked me to play Free Nelson Mandela by The Specials. Funnily enough I was around his age when I heard this song.

When he was five his favourite song was Eddy Grant’s Gimme Hope Jo’anna. It was interesting having a conversation explaining apartheid, especially when a five year old asks question. Catchy tunes can do that! Plus this one provided education.

Will my son continue to like songs like these that have a message attached to them, or will be become like the vast majority of the world’s population and be sucked into pop culture and listen to the mine numbing tunes about partying and making money? Only time will tell.

Another song I remembered growing up was Artists United Against Apartheid – Sun City.

It seems in the West we don’t really get songs like this anymore. Is it due to increased literacy levels or maybe people just don’t care? As it’s still going on all over the globe.

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